4 Months!

7 Oct
Alivia turned 4 months old on Friday! She is a super fun, easy baby and we can’t get enough of her. We take her everywhere with us and she just hangs out and smiles. We are very lucky and proud ... Read more »

3 Months!

10 Sep
Alivia turned 3 months old last week! She is getting big and is so much fun! She now weighs 15lbs and is about 25″ long. She giggled for the first time last week which was the best sound I have ... Read more »

A Very Full Howes

29 Aug
Last weekend we had a Howes family reunion at our house. We utilized couches and borrowed airbeds to accommodate the whole crew. We had a few major events: Gina doing Ice Bucket Challenge, hitting up Blue Hole for a day ... Read more »

2 Months!

7 Aug
Alivia is 2 months old! Time is flying by but we are having so much fun with her.  She is a very happy baby who smiles all the time and has the cutest little coo’s. She’s eating and sleeping like ... Read more »

Alivia’s Favorite Things!

15 Jul
Alivia is 6 weeks today and we think she’s about 13 pounds… can you believe it?! Alivia’s favorite things are smiling – especially when Dad gets home from work,  cuddling, going for walks, swinging, bouncing, laying in her jungle mobile ... Read more »

New Howes House

14 Jun
Everything has been non-stop here since we brought Alivia home. We started moving into the new house, which turns out to be increasingly difficult with a new born to care for. Champions adapt and overcome though, so we juggled painting, ... Read more »

We made it home!

8 Jun
Nails was doing so well they decided she could go home a day early, so the Howes family left the hospital on Friday afternoon. Baby Alivia is healthy and doing what babies do. Her specialties right now are cluster feeding and ... Read more »

Alivia – Day Three

5 Jun
Doctors told us we will be here one more night while Sarah continues to recover. She is walking around like a champion. Nothing seems to keep this woman down; she’s so tough, I just might just start calling her Nails. ... Read more »

Alivia – Day Two

5 Jun
This kid is so much fun! She doesn’t do much besides eat, cry, sleep and shit; I read and hear all about this, so I expected all that in the process. What I didn’t imagine is the effect she has ... Read more »