Livi’s 2nd Birthday!

7 Jun

Holy moly Alivia is 2! How did that happen?! All i know is that its been the best 2 years of our lives. We can’t imagine living without her, she makes us so proud and ridiculously happy!

Alivia at age 2…

  • Adores “baby Gage” and gives him at least 100 kisses a day
  • Not big into dessert but loves all fruit
  • Is speaking in sentences
  • Is going “peepee” in the potty
  • Thinks Duke is hilarious especially when he chases her around the house
  • Loves playing hide and seek with dad, going on bike rides, singing and dancing, reading, going to gym class and playing in water
  • Best friends are Claire, Sami and Ella from daycare
  • Is super sweet and very empathetic, loves giving hugs and blowing kisses

Check out all the pictures here!

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