Sonogram – 20 Weeks

14 Jan

 20 Week SonoWe had our 20 week appointment and baby girl is doing great! She has long legs, a strong heartbeat and is super active. During the entire sonogram she was doing somersaults and waving her hands in the air. It was so fun to watch but really hard for the nurse to get a good picture . It’s hard to tell but in this picture it’s her head in the middle, her tiny hand at her forehead and her arm making an upside down L. We’re pretty sure she’s waving and saying “hi friends and family!”


5 thoughts on “Sonogram – 20 Weeks

  1. So excited for you both!! You’re going to be the bestest parents! Glad you set this up for voyeur love. And to the long legs comment, right Shannon, lol?!

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