Things I found in Pops truck

18 Feb

I was home last week helping out on the Howes ranch and was tasked with cleaning out 15 years of filth in pops truck. Here’s a list of items I pulled out of it:

Pops truck

  • 232 receipts for auto parts
  • enough dog hair to make make an entire new yellow lab
  • 16 pairs of reading glasses
  • 4 heaping shovels-worth of dirt
  • 62 pieces of chalk pencil
  • $35.21 in change
  • memories of my childhood
  • fishing licences from 1997 and 2002


Spending a week back home was great change of pace from a computer everyday.¬†I was also tasked with the job of cutting down the tree I learned to climb in; it was weird blend of ironic, sad, and¬†bittersweet. Dad might be a little hindered from the chemo, but it’s hard to keep that old man down. I’m so proud of how strong he has been handling this news and taking the treatment. He’ll get to see his new granddaughter with the Howes name in 3 months.


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